Speaking Up As A Woman Of Africa At Work! According to the mission of Young African Women in Leadership, "Educating young women about politics, womenís rights, human rights and importance of conflict resolution, can and will engage women in countering violent extremism. And as a group this is something we must work towards achieving, for the benefit of our continent and generations to come" - Muki Muyovwe, YAWL Zambia It's time to raise up more and more new generation of female leaders in our African communities and it starts with us coaching, mentoring, empowering young African women in leadership roles in all areas in local organizations, government, civil society and private sector. We are strong, resilient, courageous, visionary and dedicated. As a young woman of Africa, Iím raising my hands for leadership and I stand with many others young African women. Despite facing many difficulties and obstacles, we are even more ready to serve and lead our people from all walks of lives.
Trudy Carl
June 6,2017

Thanks to the staff of PUAP....Great work with the web page. Prayed for the kids in the video....
sarah grace pour
April 19,2014

I just blessed God for hands upon the great work of PUAP. may God blessed all our supporters and our wonderful family at innovative who designed this breath taking website for us.
Gertrude Carl
April 14,2014
Philadelphia, PA

Love the new website, what a great cause!!
April 4,2014
Helena MT

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